Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Homas orYagnas is acolective practice and involves many of the  Heritage school teachers and students. Each yagna also has a Yajamana (the performer of the yagna) the priest being present, merely to facilitate the process. Sitting in the sacred atmosphere with a calm mind, when the yagnas and poojas are being conducted and the mantras being chanted, further helps us to go deeper within.
So You can also be part of the Yagna.Homas and Poojas are Performed during Navratri at the Bangalore Ashram with Pujya Gurudev.But If you cant go to Bangalore then Art Of Living Mumbai Team have arranged Navratri celebrations in Mumbai at Ghatkopar for all those who cant make it to Bangalore Ashram, where all types of Homas and Pujas are performed same as in the Ashram.so do come and Join us.

Venue: Acharya Atre Maidan, Near Shivaji Technical School, Opposite Pantnagar Police Station, Ghatkopar(East), Mumbai 400 075.

Lalitha Sahastranama, Rudrabhishekam Puja, and Satsang are daily performed from 6.30pm onwards.Homas and Pujas will start from 13th Of Oct.

More on Navratri n Homas on the next post...

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