Friday, October 29, 2010

Chuck n Chilll!

So after the blissful Navratri celebrations d entire team is back in action!:)
We had a YES!+ Re-Union last sunday with more dan 35 people
Rbk N Ambarish bhaiya rocked it...

In d meanwhile,read something on bau's blog... new mantra by dinesh da...
Chuck n Chill-sab kuch chodkar vishram karo...
whater botherations/worries just drop it n relax
But did doesnt mean running away from d situations or ur responsiblity
Face it , but wid a smile...compete wid uself!

Many Many n Many things to be shared by our vollunteers.. Awaiting post by
Pranay on his Bau's stay @ his home during bhakti...How sreedevi landed up in cognizant??....Barkha's exam stories...n yeah mine own guru-story but all after tuesday.

Have a biggie YES!+-6 DAY comin up from 11 nov...
n regs r ON!.

Also diwali special YES!+ satsang on d cards!



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