Saturday, October 9, 2010


Today We had Blissfull Navratri satsang at Dreemas Place with Sachit,Jayesh and Gang. The Satsang was awesome.Every one enjoyed a lot.Every One felt blissed by the bhajans.We sang more of Devi bhajans as these days are of Navratri..As Guruji says that first 3 days are of Tamas so satsang was one of the way to get rid of the tamas.While singing Especially Jago Jago ma song I could realy felt the energy. The energy was very much high. Could felt awakening of divinity which we all had in us.So Navratri is one of the festivals where you can kindle the divinity inside you by doing Sadhana,Seva and Satsang. So Utilize these days of Navratri to awaken the divinity in you.

Have a blissfull Navratri to all Of You


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