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Selfless people needed in the times of Selfish acts around…..

High time I get in to blogging again right?!!

Here is my latest post…

Selfless people needed in the times of Selfish acts around….
Yes this is what is the need of the hour and so does my small post after many many days rather many many months!!

So as all are aware that Guruji himself has told all to take care of health and hygiene for past one month almost.
When this news reached me, I was a bit shocked that how straight forward the instructions were from the Master this time around. Normally HE tells to remain happy and give away a smile to all. But this time was different.

Without wasting a second the awareness dawned in. The 5 senses along with the 7 levels of existence started to feel the need for attention!!!!
Just a couple of days back I came to know that why HE must have told these instructions so precisely this time. Read an article in the DNA which praised the seva efforts taken up by YES!+ volunteers taken up across the country.

That time I realized the value of Master’s words. I mean if we only don’t take care in our acts then who will? As it is there is loads of negativity and crime happening around because of stress and tensions so its time that we YES!+ warriors stand up and make the good work count.

We have learnt the importance of being selfless and serving people around, irrespective of the caste, creed or religion to what they belong. So it’s our prime responsibility to take care of our health and hygiene, so that we can serve better.The entire week went by in the wait of the most awaited verdict from the Indian Judiciary. Because of some selfish people around, the judiciary is not able to function as smoothly as it should.

This makes the topic of the post more relevant, if we have more people in the system itself who are not corrupt, who know what it is to take responsibilities in life and who can handle stress with a relaxed and focused mind, then wouldn’t it be a great thing?

But this has to start with ourselves first. We need to become aware of what’s going around us, in our college, society, office, housing societies, etc. When we know what we are in to and what we need to change then ideas flow in automatically.
I mean a very basic and simple thing we can do is just go and talk to more and more people about AOL bring them on to this path. That’s the only solution to everything that’s happening around.

So I gave the caption to the post as need of Selfless people to stand up and high time their efforts are taken in to action.

Story Time…..my experience over past few days, rather months….

I personally have been seeing people around me and who are not around me, going through a lot in their lives. Just because of the Guru Grace Things are a bit easy in my life.
Things meaning the events and activities that I am into!! It all started on the 2nd August, 2010 with the Ashtavakra Geeta at one of our very committed volunteer Burma’s place. It was a fantabolus experience to listen to HIM all over again. More on it in my next post!

But the point I want to bring out is, if I would have been not into AOL and YES!+ in particular I would not have been able to manage and juggle my office
and knowledge sessions timings so easily! It’s the skills which I got after practicing the techniques taught on my YES!+ course!
In the end it so happened that I used to only wait for the clock to show the time as 5.30pm! That’s it I was off and away from my office to catch train, as a cat running after mouse!!!
The session ended on a high with a satsang and some good Prasad by Divya and Pathakji family!

                                         (The Pathakji's)
! I mean the real Prasadam of the 32 days was even sweeter!! We also managed to complete a YES!+ course during the Ashtavakra was on! It was a wonderful course with people of all ages doing it! Kudos to all the volunteers who gave their heart, body and soul to get the course up.
Then was a bigger challenge in front of me, another course was scheduled in Bhivpuri College, and I had to assist the course with Anjana didi! I mean this was not the challenge, the course timings were a real challenge and also the fact that it was happening in a completely different location from what I am used to!
(In action @ Bhivpuri)

As if this was not enough, Di called me up 2 days before the course and told that she had sore eyes and the fact that she could not come on the course till the last day!
That’s it this was enough to pull the trigger inside me and to act spontaneously as to how was I going to manage this again! Nothing I remained calm for sometime and ideas began to flow in again! But as this was happening GURU Grace was flowing too!!

The course was going to start on Wednesday and a day before in my office I was busy thinking of reasons to put in front of my management to leave office half day as the course timings were 4.30pm – 7.30pm!! My office madam came in office and before I could open my mouth she said something that was like a melody to my ears! She said I had to book her flight for Punjab via Delhi of the next day!! I was like wow!! This sounds cool enough! I was happy that she was leaving the next day, but as HIS Grace is unparallel, I was swept off my feat when she said after sometime that she would like to leave on the same day and would come back only after 4 days!!!! I went in my mind satva satva satva! Almost jumping off my office chair. Just like King Janaka did while He was listening to Ashtavakra!!!

That episode also was taken care off by the MASTER. I mean again in this entire episode the thing which I could learn that was how things happen the way you want them to happen when you do HIS work with that sincerity and devotion… I could not in my wildest of dreams dream of conducting a YES!+ at the time that I ended up taking it! But things were happening as I wanted them to at least on the spiritual path.This is when I realized that no matter how much effort I put into things, events or people in order to change them, it can’t happen until HE wishes it to happen. I was completely in my shell even after doing sadhana regularly for the past 7 years and more. It was because I was giving lot more importance to people, in particular to one person, and so it let down to my emotions over hauling me. More on the emotions in later posts.


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