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Emotions ....make you weak and strong at the same time!!!
Jai Gurudev,
 Om Namah Shivay. 

 I wonder and I am sure so must be you guys that, how I could manage to stay away from blogging for almost 18months when I had so many things to share! Anyways the important thing is I am back to it!!
As I promised in my last post that I will post something on the Emotions that we human beings go through. Here I am doing precisely that….
It’s often said that it is not good to be emotional. But people often forget that emotions are nothing but some feelings that everyone goes through, irrespective of the sex he or she belongs to. If you are a human being then you are bound to feel some emotions or the other. This is a fact!
Google might define Emotions as –
 “Emotion is the complex psycho physiological experience of an individual's state of mind as interacting with biochemical and environmental influences.”

What is the purpose of emotions? What do they do for us? They certainly have a significant effect on us, but what is it all for?
First of all, motivation is 'e-motions'. They act to motivate us. Without emotions we would probably not do very much and hence would not survive - at least in the evolved form we are in now.
Motivations are felt in the body. Our muscles tense or relax. Our blood vessels dilate or contract. When we feel emotionally, we also feel physically. Our emotions can thus make us feel uncomfortable or comfortable, sending us signals to do something urgently or to stay in our comfortable state.
 Internally, for example when we are trying to make understand something or make a decision, we use our emotions to deduce whether what we have concluded is a good idea. When we think about something that contradicts our values, our emotions will tell us that it is bad. When we think about something that could hurt us, our emotions will tell us that this is not a good idea.
You can use emotions to motivate people. Connect good emotions with what you want them to do, and bad emotions with what is not wanted.
Also watch your own emotions. They are signals that tell you something about what is happening in the inner you. This can be very useful as we often do not realize what is going on in that deep, dark subconscious inside of us.
There are more negative emotions than positive emotions. We can feel fear, anger, shame, hate, more easily than happiness and joy, a reason for this is because most emotions are designed to keep us alive. They signal warnings and prompt us to act, from running away to avoiding others to fighting back.

In real sense emotions are associated with mood, temperament and personality on an individual. Every human being who takes birth on this planet wishes to be happy in his or life. No body wants to be frustrated, dejected, unhappy or obsessive. It’s just because we give too much importance to people, situations and things around us these emotions come up in us.  This leads to total imbalance of the mind, which is always swinging between the past and present! Isn’t it? How to deal with it is the skill that one needs to learn.
First of all one needs to understand that no emotion can stay for more than 2.5 days (Line by Rishi Vidyadharji!). So there is absolutely no need to make any fuss about you being sad some day or you being low someday and also no need to go over board when you get good news. Being in your core, center is the key to maintain your peace of mind! This state of mind cant be achieved over night, one needs to go through a lot of practice and implementation of the knowledge that the Master offers on every step of life.

When one gets this knowledge one has to apply it in the right sense, as I said earlier, we often end up giving too much importance to people, situations or things in our life. Let’s take it step by step.

What happens when attaches too much importance to Things in life? Nothing much one ends up becoming greedy and selfish. If these tendencies are dominant in anyone then you should be able to guess it that they are attaching too much importance to things in life. Things can be bought, sold, again bought and also stolen. The thing that we feel is important today may not have that much importance few days later and definitely it will be irrelevant over the period of time. As everything that is made comes with an expiry date. Even the creator of that thing will die some day so forget about the thing itself.
          For example, one attaches too much importance to car, clothes, property, or jewellery. All these are classic examples of things which people want to posses in their lives. They feel if they have a big house with a swimming pool and a posh car parked outside their house then the purpose of their life is done. Where as they forget the simple fact that one has to die one day and when this happens all these things are not going to go with him / her! People will be more interested in who takes over the property and the other stuff after one dies!! So the intelligent thing here is to not to get too attached to Things in life, as they leave oneself greedy and selfish.

          Then we end up attaching ourselves too much to the situations around us. Again there is no point in doing this. You take any situation in your life, has it not changed over the period of time? And has it not taught you something very memorable? Yes it has isn’t it? The very fact that God creates situations in our life is because we can learn and grow from them, not to get caught up and sink into them. If one attaches too much importance to situations he or she become lazy and dull. They start blaming the situation in life for their life not working as they want it to. So the intelligent thing here again is to not to attach too much importance to any situation that comes up in life, be it your birthday or break up day!!!

 One has to do an analysis of giving too much importance to people too. One has to ponder over this question is it really worth to give some person more importance than what he or she deserves? Or more than your own existence? Most often than not you will get a negative response. Right? Very rarely the answer to this question is in the affirmative.

Lets look in depth of this, what happens when you give more importance to people around you? Often they start taking undue advantage of you, they start taking you for granted. Most dangerous is that you start blaming these people when anything in your life goes haywire. We often end up forgetting the simple fact that nothing remains same forever, not even our own body so how can we be rest assured that the people around us wont change over the period of time? Isn’t it? It’s the law of the nature that all have to undergo be it a human being or an animal!! The bottom line is EVERTHING CHANGES!!

This does not mean that we just sit back and don’t act when people start taking undue advantage of you. One has to ACT and not REACT. There is a big difference in this. Normally we end up reacting to people and in doing this we forget to act rationally. This leads to negativity, hatred and stress. So intelligent thing to do is first of all, don’t give too much importance to any person in your life, be it your boy friend / girl friend / father in law / mother in law / boss / friend or anyone. And if you have ended up giving too much importance to anyone then act on it by taking right action about it!

Story time again!!!     

It’s easier to say than to do it. I myself was finding it extremely difficult to do it. Rather I thought at one point of time that I was finished completely, loosing confidence that I had in me and was in my shell. My condition was exactly like fish without water. Gasping for breath and survival. Al though I was managing to smile and interact with all, I knew inside I was completely shaken. Thank God I became aware of what a blunder I was doing by going away from my nature which is to be happy and spread happiness to all.
Thank to the lovely Master and HIS Grace (a few quality friends and volunteers in my life) I at least started to realize what I was doing and what I wanted to do.  Not blaming anyone as I am thankful to this person for teaching the fact of not to attach too much importance to any one in life.  
As the title of the post indicates Emotions make you weak and strong at the same time!!!  ONS!!!

Love,Jai gurudev

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