Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Its a national shame!The bridge at the CWG village collapsed a day ahead of all when the athletes are arriving!headlines all over the media channels.

in what way the media has contributed!The role of media in todays time has been restricted only to increase their "trp's" to gain up popularity.The whole purpose in the process is completely  lost.Instead of taking up some constructive action it is just involved in making fashinable headlines.

The CWG mess is indeed an shameful act!The government too is seeming helpless(courtesy Mr Suresh Kalmadi).few days back,there were some news going on round that sports minister should retire at some mentioned age.He was the first person involved in this controversy.Shame!The preparations at all d venues are just substandard.Isnt it the duty of Mr Kalmadi to look up into this matter much earlier before?
What the government is doing???
Trying to prove that the party is very strong,..
The main focus is votes.
Its a big time that we neeed a big change in our system.
its tottaly corrupted.Starting from Mr Suresh Kalmadi to Lalit Modi all have eaten up the money paid by people as a tax.
Its time for we youngsters to rise up and do something

.Fight for our rights,to check whether the tax which we are paying are utilised properly or being eaten away by the politicians.
More n more youths should join politics for the betterment of the people,its a seva of a kind without any selfish motives.

Lets all pray @ this juncture that the "true national shame" exists no more at the CWG.


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