Monday, November 8, 2010

Time to get Crazy!

There were three monkeys n a master!Whenever the master used to give bananas to any one particular monkey the other monkeys would beat n bash the other monkeys.This continued for a period of time..
The master decided to replace the monkey with another one..So here came a new monkey.Again the master gave the banana to a particular monkey -same thing happened other two started beating n bashing up the other monkey.The monkey which whas being beaten up had no clue @ what was happening??why it was getting beaten up!!!!!!!!!1

So finally the master  decided to change all the monkeys and here came a new set of 3 monkeys--result :::Same thing happend....

So the Master asked the monkeys finally ""why you guys are fighting??'''

The monkeys had no clue too(lol)..They absolutely had no idea!
So one monkey replied"its a trend that other monkeys gavee it to them"

wow!soo many people feel WOW after doing their first sudarshan kriya.They get blissed out after doing the yes!+ courses!But again it becomes a trend.."If my friend comes for follow-ups then only i will come"
"If my friend does the course then only i will do"
Time to get crazy now!
Rashmin da said""do crazy to make a difference"
We all know Guruji's coming to mumbai on 13-14-15 january!
So we all really cannot afford to follow any particular trend which someone has set it!(lol)
Also we are having a mega YES!+ wid bawa n dinesh from 9-12 Jan @ Mumbai

So time to gear up !

Hope u guys had a great Diwali time

In love wid service


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