Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scenes behind!

One fine morning i received a call from one of my most favourite teacher and we had a brief conversation(cant tell ...).Appoinments were fixed and we got into the YTIET campus.Course dates were fixed but the thought in mind was how to start up the things!!!!

We had  a course in kalyan round the corner.After completing it,7-8 of us packed our bags to bhivpuri.we had no idea where to start it from.the college was a huge one(3000+ kids)
Day1:we hit d hostel.Bruma n sneha hit the girls hostel
end of day1 we had around 13 registrations.
Just before i left for bhivpuri i had a thought how to achieve the target of are we going to do it!!in 10 days time.Grace,Sadhana,Hard work payed off..havin a 38 people rocking course(last day surprises just dont misss it)


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