Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gurupujas,Rudrapujas.......Satvik Month


For d record we did 123 Gurupuja's in Kalyan on 15 th August n yeah it was ultimate bliss at d end!we had a gud satsang at Vamsha's place(surprise) wid r yes!+ team.
It was a gud organising experience...

n den we had RUDRA PUJA(again a surprise as no1 had any idea @ it bein organised in Kalyan).

We just had 1 week to organise d entire event!
Kudos 2 Deepa(YES! Teacher)

we had @ 200+ people attending it in it......

well 2 persons really deserve d "DUDE N DUDESSZZ" of the months TAG!

1)Vineeet Sharma-really saw him in action after a long time.solid commitement level.his schedule...Morning office,evening Ashtavakra,night seva till 12..Totally amazing!

2)Dreama-core seva..Deepa really kept her total busy(haha).Superb commitemnt level.

We are starting of YES!+ from tomorrow n i have pledged to myself 2 post d pics of all d events including rudra puja,gurupuja,current yes!+ on a regular basis.....

Ashtavkra is cming 2 an end!

C u suun
In love wid service



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