Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Nitin Kungwani

This is what i learned from the YES!+ upgrade .

My parents, whom I am fortunate enough to have, toil for endless such hours everyday (not the same work though ) and all what I do is spend money ( many a times without a second thought).It was at that time I realized the value of every penny earned with huge amounts of efforts. It was at that time I realized how difficult it is to part up with the hard earned money, just to acquire a few luxuries, without which we can manage anyhow.At that time I felt fortunate enough to be at that edge of the social spectrum where I needn’t think of earning the second meal while I ate the first.

And at that time did I realize how mistaken I am and how much granted do I take my parents’ hard earned money for?

That particular moment, the walk till the starting point revealed the ideal path to manipulate my behavior accordingly.

Those 2 hours Have changed my attitude altogether !

I no more am the same careless, irresponsible and thoughtless child. . .instead

I’m a changed man. . .

Jai Gurudev !

Nitin Kungwani


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