Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At last dey came..................................................

After alots of dhoka(hahaha) they arrived in kalyan!

(Bawa in Action..............)
Thanks 2 venkat n shweta k2k zone had a special meet wid Bawa n dinesh on d last day of summer magic.As usual we asked dem wen they are going to come to this part of bombay!

To my utter surprise Bawa got ready to have a bhakti+mathemagic in kalyan  on 14th july.we had got exactly 2 weeks to organise this event.n

Finally we had Bhakti wid more dan 800ppl n mathemagic wid 83 ppl(the biggest in mumbai thats wat i have been told)..The volunteers worked very much hard especially the full-timers(9-11pm)

                                  (BHAKTI Team-From left
                         Krishnan,Vivek bhaiya,Divya,Anagha,Harshal bhaiya,Ajit)
N there were 3 big stars(we can call them dude n dudette of this month) born out of this event..................

Gaurav_1 man army for mathemagic. he alone bought 50 ppl.

Pranay_Helped us alot in roping sponsors for the event

Brooma....hahaha took passes from all the volunteers(but she made sure all the passes r sold)

The event personally for me was a learning experience coz we never had the experience to organise such big events.It taught me to be calm in tough times,be patient,n accept d situations as they are....

We indeed had a fantastik time hosting B+D.....

Would be posting experiences of our volunteers/teachers in organising this event(pics would be uploaded soon)




BHAKTI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing event in Kalyan, organised in only 7 days by all of us. Got to learn a lot from begining to end, starting from planning to implementation with rocking results. Bhakti made me realise that i am a team player who can take up challenges & give colourful results.
Awaiting more such happening events @ kalyan. 

With Love

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