Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Experience of our Volunteers!

Hi my name is Suraj.I am doing by 2nd year llb.When i heard first time about this course i thought
"what??this course will teach me HOW 2 LIVE"_it seemed to be funny!
But after i completed my course,i found a
profound change in myself.The ability to talk in public,overcoming that shyness,having a calm n cool mind were the benefits i gained and yes this is a course meant to be done by all the YOUTHS!Life became
much simpler after doing the YES!+ course.

Hey guys,i am Jayesh doing my engineering!Yeah life was tough before doing the YES!+ COURSE.
I just coudnt handle any relationships,was a total flop in my studies n i had got around 4 kts in my semester 4 exams.My friend Amol recomended me to try this course.After alot of hesitation i made up my mind n joined the course n there wa no looking back!
The concentration technique was so practical that it helped me a great deal especially in cracking the toughest papers.and for record i have been gettng first class in my last 4 semesters.Thanks 2 YES!+...

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