Monday, June 1, 2009

YES!+...Building dynamic leaders for tomorrow

Youth today face a number of important choices at home, at school, and socially as they navigate a rapidly changing world.
With so many influences giving direction to young people, cultivating the qualities of inner strength and compassion will be essential for tomorrow's leaders. We provide tools to nurture the growth of these qualities, so that our society will have powerful leaders dedicated to building a brighter future. The Art of Living Foundation empowers young people to move from being influenced by their environment, to having an influence on their environment. We work to ensure that tomorrow's voices for peace and unity are stronger than those of violence and self-centeredness.

We have programs for youth of all ages that are fun and challenging, with a special emphasis on nurturing human values common to all cultures, religions and traditions such as; non-violence, compassion, caring for the planet, enthusiasm for life and an attitude of service toward others.

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